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I don't know if any of you tried to pre-order Shin-kun from YesAsia. I did...way back in..December, I think. It said on the site that he was due to be released Jan 6th, and then Jan 31st, both of which came and went and still no doll. I emailed them asking where the hell my doll was, but never got a response.

Recently I got an email stating he was "out of stock" and that my order had been canceled. I recalled a fiasco with people getting their orders canceled for the pre-order of one of the Pullips, and I didn't remember if she ever got her money back (even after several angry emails). So I was worried. But before I could even send them an angry email of my own, they gave me a refund. All by their little selves! Maybe they learned their lesson.

So does anyone know what the deal is with the second wave of dolls? Do they even really exist, or was it all just a pipe dream? Jun Planning delayed the release of the mini Pullips forever; is that just the case here too?

And, just so my post isn't totally boring:

Here's Shoutarou playing up in the attic of the Bloomin' Blossoms shop. ^^ Please forgive the bad lighting.

A close-up!
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