the alice-monster (_red_queen_) wrote in jp_class_mates,
the alice-monster


just wondering a couple of things, firstly what is the quality of these dolls? I'm becoming highly tempted to buy one to play around with (a relatively cheap, small, non-tacky doll just seems to be too much for my pocketbook to resist!) and thought i'd try and get a little info on them first... but there is no information out there! What is the body like? does anyone have pics? do they suffer from horrible limb-detaching diseases like the newer pullips? are they wigged? is it hard to find wigs of their size or would I have to make them? i noticed someone replaced the eyes on their doll... but in all the pics i've seen the eyes look painted on... are they seperate pieces or would I need to cut the eyes out to put in new ones?

also, where is the best place to buy from and what should i expect as the normal price?

ahh... so many questions.. :)
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